Our Team

Consultant Team

Halff Associates, Inc.

Project Lead
Multi-disciplinary firm with planning, design, and engineering expertise across the Southwest in assisting towns, cities, counties, and regions manage growth in a manner that promotes the long-term economic, fiscal, and physical health of the community.


Branding & Engagement
Public engagement and branding experts who engage communities both online and offline, producing greater buy-in through active citizen involvement.

Catalyst Commercial

Economic & Market Analysis
Firm focused on innovative solutions for public and private entities. They specialize in market analysis, market research and implementation.


Fiscal Sustainability
Planning firm specializing in helping communities achieve fiscal literacy and smarter design by combining land value economics, property and retail tax analysis, and community design.

Code Studio

Character Design
Specialized in developing plans and codes that yield vibrant, mixed-use, walkable communities through creative urban infill and redevelopment strategies.

Strong Towns

Project Advisor
International movement dedicated to making communities across the United States and Canada financially strong and resilient.

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